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Renée is setting a new standard for how to experience sexual pleasure after life’s transitions. Her commitment to sex education and coaching is changing the way men, women and couples handle sex and communities. As a sexuality coach, at The Pleasure Rx, Renee mixes her pharmacy background with her sexuality training to prescribe solutions that bring pleasure back into relationships. She specializes in working with those going through transitions such as divorce, childbirth and menopause.


Sexpert Consultants LLC hosts public and private classes and events that provide unforgettable fun for you and your friends. From clever tricks to spice up your love life to vital sexual health information you never learned in school, our classes are fun AND educational!

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Unlike shopping online or at an adult toy store, you and your friends will get to see how each product works with samples and demonstrations and you don't have to worry about being pressured into buying anything. All orders are taken privately and confidentially to protect your privacy and provide a safe space to ask questions and get real answers.

We are committed to providing factual sexual health information through our trained consultants who educate our consumers about the high-quality sensual products we sell that are designed to protect and enhance your sexual relationships.

Education should be fun-- so all of our classes are filled with games, contests and door prizes, and each participant receives a gift bag at all events! 

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