Our Mission

Sexpert Consultants LLC seeks to bridge the sexual health education gap through live events and online courses that teach adults about basic human sexual anatomy and sexual response cycles, promote sexual health and wellness, and improve communication around sexual desires and concerns.

We are committed to providing factual sexual health information through highly engaging events executed by our trained consultants who are empowered to educate and entertain our consumers with our collection of curated services and high-quality adult products. All Sexpert Consultants are ambassadors for the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) and have received at least 90-days of training through our Sexpert Consultant Certification program.

Our service offerings are pleasure-positive and designed for clients to explore sensuality, increase confidence and enhance intimate experiences through live and streaming classes, social events, online courses, and private consultations.

Founder & CEO, Reba Corrine Thomas aka "RebaTheDiva" teaching our flagship fellatio class. Credit: Amanda Rhoades/DCist.com

Founder & CEO, Reba Corrine Thomas aka "RebaTheDiva" teaching our flagship fellatio class.
Credit: Amanda Rhoades/DCist.com


Founded in 2015 by entertainer, educator, and entrepreneur RebaTheDiva after successfully hosting a series of adult sexual education workshops in D.C., Reba seized an opportunity to build a brave community of clients and empowered consultants to increase access to pleasure-positive sexual health education among adults in the U.S. 


Unlike shopping at an adult toy store or googling information online, our clients walk away with vital sexual health information, and a first-hand understanding of how our products work with samples and demonstrations, without having to worry about being pressured into buying anything. Any orders are taken privately and confidentially to protect client privacy and provide a safe space to ask questions and get real answers.

We make learning fun-- so all of our classes are filled with games, contests and door prizes, and all participants receive gifts bags at every event! 



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