The Ultimate Guide to Steak & A BJ Day: March 14

Yes, this is for real. Steak and a BJ Day, for those who may not know, occurs every year on March 14. While Valentine's Day is a day for couples to celebrate their love with gifts of affection; more often than not, the holiday is much more beneficial and enjoyable for women than for men. 

With that in mind, March 14 (exactly one month after Valentine's Day) officially marks "Steak and a BJ Day" and the concept for this holiday is simple: If your man makes you feel special on Valentine's Day, then he should feel special on this day. And what better way to make a man feel special than to cook him a steak and give him a blowjob?

The best thing about this holiday, is that it is totally dependent upon how much thought your man put into Valentine's Day the month prior. Questioning the legitimacy of this holiday? There's an official website and Facebook page with more than 16,000 likes-- complete with gift ideas and greeting cards, if that's your thing. In fact last year, these fine folks used the holiday to raise more than $4,000 for breast cancer!

As creator of the #BlowHisMind Fellatio 101 workshop, of course I had to weigh in on the holiday. Naturally, I asked my Chef Hubby, the culinary genius behind Seriously Good Eats, for his take on how to prepare the best steak. Realizing that home cooks need easy-to-follow instructions, he pointed me straight to the Tasty videos below. 

So here's your go-to guide for a mind-blowing March 14:



1. Watch this video to see how to cook an amazing steak that will rock his socks off!

2. Ready to kick it up a notch? Try this romantic steak dinner for two.

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Keep it social: Post your #steakandabj culinary creations on March 14 using hashtags #steakandabjday and #blowhismind and we'll repost them!