4 Ways to Feel Sexy This Fall


Fall is approaching and as the season changes, we get thrust out of our care-free, summer routines and into the thick of work and school. Coupled with consistent bad news and disastrous weather, it can be easy to get stuck up in the "PITS," or pleasure interrupting thoughts.  

No worries, though-- I'm here to help! Here are four fabulous ways to get out of your head and start feeling sexier right now:

1. STIMULATING scents.

The weather is getting cooler and perfect for lighting delightful candles and snuggling under warm, comfy blankets.  

Feel your best by spritzing on your favorite perfume/cologne or lighting a candle with your favorite aphrodisiac scent. Vanilla, patchouli, and jasmine are just a few scents that are known aphrodisiacs. 

The Massage Candle Trio set ($29, pictured left) is the perfect three-in-one solution. It's a candle, sensual massage oil and natural hemp seed moisturizer packed with aphrodisiacs and comes in three mesmerizing scents!

Our bodies also secrete natural aphrodisiacs called pheromones that are scientifically proven to attract and arouse our partners. Consider using a pheromone-enhancing oil like Pure Instinct ($14, pictured right) to give your unique scent a boost. 


2. Slip into sexy undies (or none at all!).

Sundresses, these days, are still weather-appropriate and my favorite way to feel sexy is to skip wearing underwear under my favorite dress or skirt. There's something truly liberating and supremely sexy about going commando! 

If a day sans underwear just isn't your thing (it's totally cool-- no judgement here!), consider slipping on some new sexy underwear or lingerie under your regular, everyday attire. If you're committed, surprise your partner and undress for them slowly to some sexy tunes. If you're single, stand in front of your full length mirror (if you don't have one, invest in one!) and undress for yourself. Appreciate your own striptease and admire your body. Turn up the music and dance like no one's watching!  




3. Get in between a naughty novel.

See what I did there? I love a good book. My first introduction to erotic novels was Zane's Sex Chronicles book series when I was in college. I wasn't prepared for the amount of discreet and guilty pleasure I would experience reading those books on the subway, in my dorm and anywhere I could find a quiet spot. Another classic is Delta of Venus by Anaiis Nin. Need more inspiration? Elle has 14 more recommendations.

If you aren't quite ready for heavy erotica, I can suggest a few other, more light-hearted reads from Dr. Sadie Allison like Tickle His Pickle ($16), which is also the textbook for my Blow His Mind! Fellatio 101 Workshop; and Tickle Your Fancy ($16, pictured right), which provides great advice to women about self-pleasure.

4. Take a refresher course!


I teach several sexual empowerment workshops to include How to be Sensual 101, which teaches participants how to  use the senses to provide ultimate pleasure to ourselves and our partners. Students leave with tips and tricks to instantly boost their confidence and own their inner sex vixen. 

Need to boost your confidence? Want some tips/tricks to spice up your sex life in a safe, non-judgmental, totally inclusive, and shame-free environment? I'm available for private, 1:1 sessions in-person or virtually; or you can book a private class for you and 4 of your friends using the button below.  

It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit.
— Eartha Kitt