Women’s Sensual Self-Care Course

presenter CERTIFICATION course

LAUNCH: April 2019

In this presenter certification course, you will help clients to:

  • Define and interpret sensuality through the stimulation of all five senses,

  • Understand the “orgasm gap” and techniques for prioritizing pleasure as a form of self-care,

  • Learn the female pleasure anatomy and gain better understanding of the female orgasm through video presentations and hands-on learning activities;

  • Privately explore thoughts about their own sensuality and the experiences that have shaped it through journaling exercises, meditation and group exercises

  • Gain confidence through increased knowledge about sensual self-care, recommended activities, tools and worksheets for deeper contemplation and implementation at home.

Course includes:

  • Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski (Paperback)

  • Vulva + Vagina lapel pin from I ❤ Guts

  • Digital presentation + sample script

  • Downloadable worksheets