New Year's Resolution: Prioritizing Your Pleasure

Eat less. Exercise more. Start the Keto diet. We started 2018 with big dreams and aspirations, didn't we? But, with all the failed New Year's Resolutions out there already (yes, and January isn't even over yet!), I'm challenging you to re-tool your resolutions and prioritize your pleasure. 

Self love is self care. And self pleasure is an expression of self-love, so pleasure is form of self-care. Self pleasure (and self care) comes in many forms and can look different for everyone. Below are a few resolutions you can adopt to help you prioritize your pleasure in 2018.

10 Ways to Prioritize Your Pleasure

  1. Eat well.
    To me, eating well means regularly choosing foods that nourish and replenish your body. Instead of highly processed foods or strict diets, opt for whole foods and plant-based options when you can-- it really will make you feel (and taste) better from the inside.

  2. Treat yourself.
    This could mean booking a massage or spa appointment. Take one day for yourself regularly to just focus on self-care. Stop cheating yourself and start treating yourself to high-quality self-care activities and experiences. You could start by booking my new Spa Retreat class for you and at least 3 friends!

  3. Be inspired.
    Pleasure is easy to find when we're inspired. Try creating a vision board or writing out your goals and dreams. When you can focus on what inspires you, it's easier to tap into pleasure and joy. I've recently started using the Shine app for daily inspiring text messages.

  4. Find your joy.
    Don't know what really makes you happy? Try starting a Joy Journal and fill it daily with experiences that bring you pleasure or joy each day. Already found your joy? Focus on gratitude to help remind you of the abundance of pleasure and joy in your life and remember to be grateful!

  5. Clear your mind.
    Meditation is proven to reduce stress and benefit our emotional well-being as well as our overall health and wellness. Meditating regularly for at lest 5 minutes a day can help reduce symptoms related to anxiety, asthma, cancer, chronic pain, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep problems, and tension headaches. Having trouble sitting still? Try using an app like Insight Timer or Headspace.

  6. Speak your TRUTH.
    You don't have to be anyone else but yourself. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and draw boundaries when necessary. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and connect genuinely with your loved ones and those around you by speaking and living in your truth, you are opening yourself up to experience true pleasure.

  7. Learn to let go.
    Forgive yourself-- and others! It can be nearly impossible to prioritize pleasure when you are holding on to pent up anger and frustration. Letting go of anger, shame and resentment by forgiving yourself and those around you will help you release those negative emotions and tap back into positivity and pleasure.

    If you're finding it incredibly difficult to let go of the negativity, try seeing a therapist to help you work through your barriers to pleasure. There's no shame in seeking help to make space for optimal health and mind/body wellness.

  8. Remember yourself.
    You are worthy. You are amazing. You are enough. Affirmations and mantras like these can help you remember your awesome, amazing, rockstar self! Confidence is sexy and when you believe in yourself, you put yourself on the path to real pleasure. Need help tapping into your sexy, seductive self? Book my Sex, Seduction & Self-Care 101 class if you need a confidence boost!

  9. Make time for your tribe.
    Go out and be social. Spend some time friends or a loved one. Lean on your support system to help you prioritize your pleasure.

    Need a kickstart on building your social scene? Join us for one of my alumni happy hour events at Women Uncorked! Or join the Women Uncorked Facebook group to stay in the loop.

  10. Touch yourself.
    Yes, I'm taking it there (don't I always?). Find a full length mirror and admire yourself naked. Feel how soft your skin feels as you caress yourself. Compliment yourself aloud. Experiment with your sensual pleasure centers and discover what pleases you most.

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