3 Ways to Create Your Summer of Self-Care

The sun is out and Summer is approaching! For many, Summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors and relaxing. It's the perfect time to focus on self-care!

Self-care is the ultimate act of self love and a regular self-care routine will help you feel more grounded and connected to your body. I know from first-hand experience that building a self-care routine and sticking to it can lead to increased confidence and even better sex!

Need some self-care inspiration? Here are 3 ways you can intentionally focus on self-care to start living your best life by creating your very own Summer of Self-Care:

1. Take a self-care course.

My life changed when I took an online self-care course called Self-Care 101 with Gracy. I learned how to lean on the principles of Ayurveda to draw boundaries, build routines and nourish myself through physical movement, plant-based foods, meditation and breath work. Looking to learn more about sensual self-care?

Check out our Sensual Self-Care Challenge and stay tuned for our upcoming online course: Activating Your Sensual Self to build on this work and connect more deeply with your Sensual Self.

2. Join a Self-Care Community

Give up your "lone wolf" mentality and become part of a supportive community of amazing women who are up-leveling their self-care. Watch how quickly you can grow when you have the proper support! This Summer, I'm working with my dear friend Gracy Obuchowicz (of Self-Care with Gracy) to help lead an exciting endeavor called The Beautiful Life Collective, a women-led self-care community that will give us all an opportunity to invest in our most important asset: our ability to care for ourselves, other people and the world as a whole. Get ready for a whole new kind of self-care! Our membership is open from June 15th through June 21, 2019. After that, we close our doors and bond as a self-care community!

3. Attend a self-care event.

Check your local community calendar for self-care or wellness-focused events. If you're in the DC area, you won't want to miss our Sensual Self-Care for Mamas workshop that launches on June 29 from 1pm-3pm with Mother Nation and The Maternity Planner.

Every month we host our Women's Sensual Self-Care 101 workshop at The Wing in Georgetown. Check here for our upcoming class schedule: www.sexpertconsultants.com/tickets!